Thursday, February 19, 2009

Part I

Some rules had to be made, there was simply no denying it.

My girl was feeling better, yo!

Except for her troubling diet (still workin' on it!)

15 gram carb snacks, are all we need (hey look, we're tryin' it!)

Thanks to Target (everything on sale!)
feeds all 5 of them (I'll keep on buyin' it).


Anita Ovolina said...

As always I love your pictures!
Hope the adjustment to new diet goes well!

browngirl said...

Raquel just suggested I check out your blog---love it! I really need my fridge to look like yours, lol!

growingupartists said...

Hi, browngirl, thanks for the compliment! If you want a fridge like mine, you'll have to marry my husband. It's not just the healthy food he puts in it, he insists that every label face forward ;)