Friday, May 22, 2009

Ivanka, not Ivana

I won't use last names here, try to connect the dots. Boy, oh boy, was Jimmy's show a bevy of doozies last night! And yes, that includes Kiefer which is another name I should've chosen for a child, but didn't. Maybe someday.

Ivanka, Ivanka, how this post wants to begin, yet, I keep getting the feeling I should go with "classy" instead of just plain honest. Well, you know me, I always do what's easiest. Balls always roll my way, doesn't matter if I'm on the plantation or in the ghetto, game is game.

Jimmy has no game. Ivanka, well, she's trying, but like most insulated preppies (that includes Jimbo), they have no reality in their genres, no reality at all. Just vistas from mountaintops called Olympus, views are beautiful. Or so I hear.

They always are in the eyes of insulated beholders, whose balls are delivered to them in helicopters, they just close their eyes for a second, or use a blindfold, and POOF. We all say, that ball just rolled up the mountain to you, can you believe it? They always do.

That's what's so reliable about the insulati, which is what I'm going to call everybody except Pete Wentz from now on. Jury's still out on Ashley, who seems unable to get over being bitchy to everyone. As if hormones are to blame, instead of plain ol' arrogance. She's insulati too, sorry Pete, but you already knew.

Ivanka's getting in touch with her feminine side, still doesn't explain her improper use of cleavage. Which was magnificent by the way, don't you agree Jimmy? Only, that's not power, girls of your caliber don't need to use sway. Unless they're insecure on the inside.

Oh, to get the Kardashians and Ivanka to the ghetto and plantations where we live. Might actually pay attention to the negra (just invented that beauty, and yes, I love it!!!) whose urban city had the highest death rate for children this year. And don't get me started on bullies.

The woman, or negra I should call her from now on...wa-a-a-y more interesting than Ivanka and mean Ashley. The plea in her eyes was like all, "I'm going to try to say this one more time, knowing full well I'm just the black girl, and no one listens."

Paraphrasing now, to save time, and strained eyeballs on mini iPhones. Our children are getting killed while divas explore their femininity on construction sites, can anyone help? Okay, thank you for your pretentious time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Collective Theory

Having proven civilization to be stable, progress to be optional, and the upcoming weekend a sure thing...I'm investing my labors in post-Memorial Day dreams of survival. The veterans all died in thankless wars that will only be repeated week after week, and thereafter, the least I can do is not kill myself. Won't my children be pleased.

I can't say for sure what post-Memorial Day will hold for us all, I'd guess more of the same, as is typical. Just hope enthusiasm doesn't fade, and then wane, for the battle seemed so worth it, but the finale was so subtle. The holidays confuse.

And now, life is just Labor Day and that time in between, so be thankful.

Th Fri Sa Su

I'm not even going to give Monday a thought, that's Memorial Day which is an important holiday for some powerful country, can't recall which. It's Thursday, I'll muster the effort to go to the park, although it's chilly out. Which friend will I call? I think Lori.

Then, off to the luxurious lake cabin life. Hopefully by then it will have warmed up, and not be too cold to sit on the deck in lawn chairs, reading and enjoying the sounds of nature. I should probably check the weather channel, or a website with the same information, but I'll wing it instead.

Winging it provides the best results when you're me, so I'll just wing it all the way through the weekend until Monday. Of course, camp starts soon after that, and I have the library programs to sign up for. And all day yesterday I spent studying Science Roots, that venture's going to be productive for me, I do love studying, I do.

So, that's my weekend, I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Once it decides to begin.