Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Autumnal forecast

I predict snow. I'm being honest, as usual, though completely uncreative, I'll admit it. What with the geography fair just two days away, a smackle of playdates for both tomorrow and friday (won't say where, or with who)...just grateful for Jen and Mani, two of the sincerest friends ever. I'll leave Friday a mystery, just to spice things up.

We've joined 4-H, yes officially, but who's asking. I'm so excited by the leadership opportunities, watching my olders shine with responsibility, the chance to take charge of their duties, and to meld with a group. I never thought "I move to..." and "I second that motion..." could be so adorable, but it is, like any foreign language becoming natural.

But speaking of snow, and the Halloween that comes after, and walks the fine line with it every year, yes they do! I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not dressing up, I'll never sell my soul to that devil (there's two). Some things I've just decided (writing it here makes it inevitable, and therefore possibly true) take more of your spirit, than they give back to you.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A positive representation of homeschooling should be every study-at-home enthusiast's goal.

Afterall, what might the neighbors think? I prefer it more simple, an honest admission of the ups-and-downs, confidence gained step-by-step, the learning process often composed of struggle, then revelation. And I'm just talking about the parents so far, we teachers in training.

Were we spoon-fed, some institution's packaged jargon, a curriculum (everyone's using one) to tweak to our classroom's own style, I can't imagine we'd ever be unhappier. Any teachers out there daring to call your system unsatisfactory? Dare to dream an improvement, and then say it out loud? Didn't think so.

But all alone here ('cept for Jackie, who's always welcome), I can say what I want, feel how I think. Let the critics fill in their details with false assumptions, keeping distance between us, it's their habits, not ours. Everyone who knows me, knows me well, I don't spend life hiding, fruitlessly hoping from afar.

So, that said, moving forward (or back) into an unwavering faith in humanity's destination. We're all going somewhere, right? Our family, for instance, in between reading and writing (a certain son ready to give his more trying), and obvious math, and other things unexciting...we are studying the human body.

No, not sociologically, or even theologically, both bodies bearing weight, but currently it's physiology. Beginning with cells, where else? Drawing pictures, comparing spite of, or inspired by, the upcoming fair this spring (it's all science-y).

Nobody wants to be doctors, they've said. One fashionista, one scientista, and two business owners who want to work for themselves. Oh well, passion's unpredictable, it's the foundation I'll build that will sort this stuff out.

Biology 4 Kids, a homeschooling mom's saving grace, teachers sharing lesson plans (freely, no strings-attachedly), and my new personal favorite, though I admit I'm just exploring, philosophy of math (because EVERYTHING is philosophy, even numbers). I know, I'm aghast!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy Life

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back by popular demand

Had I forseen this previously unforseeable return, I'd have warned myself. But alas, my fate is in the stars, and who am I to question our stellar destinies? I have so much to wax on and on about, most especially where it concerns homeschooling...and spelling, and poetry, and "living math" (ever heard of that?) We're having a great year so far, to say the least.

And say the least I am, simply because I've got two tidbits worth sharing, and nada much else. For now. Firstly, can you say Wa Wa Wubsy (that's how I'd say it, even if it is Wow! Wow! Wubbzy), on Nickelodeon. Well, talk about free train tickets for kids, oh my!

S'right, just have to buy a DVD, which all my lady friends agree is "cute enough" and harmless. So buy one for all your friends, or however many kid tickets you need to call life a vacation.

Secondly, boring spelling, I never knew phonograms could be so fun! Seriously, learn all the spelling rules you never knew we had, and thank your public school teachers for giving fresh cause to re-learn all these tricks-o-da-trade (for the National Spelling Bee, of course!)

Oh, and here's a freebie...'cause I gots some housecleaning to do. Geography Fair is in just 3 weeks, and the United Kingdom was the most excellent choice (more later). It's not just participants who are invited:

Enjoy a yearly festival of the success we call homeschooling, and ask all the "what kind of nut are you" questions you like!

Another one? A really, really classic idea made manifest? I'd Wa Wa Wubzis for Christmas sometime.