Saturday, January 31, 2009

Webbie Awards

It's fun to receive awards from your friends all day. But it's almost as fun to give those awards back, people you've stumbled upon, dugg up, seesmic-ized (you know, like talked to on video), or just stolen off the Forbes list.

Like I'd ever read that gay, rich people's magazine (unless it was online), but thanks to Momversation, I tuned in...Dooce and her trusty celebrity.

Oh, I'm not leaving out MinDaphBecDayGiyNatAliAshMagg...the rest of you, your times will come to be as famous as she is. I think.

But back to the Webby Awards, which I didn't invent, though I do believe I'm starting them early this year. My first pick deserves a little criticism first, you're welcome.

I landed on it yesterday afternoon, was impressed by its sweetness, and left a little comment on an article to compliment their Forbes (and Momversation) mention. Said I could learn alot there, and I meant it.

Today I scoot back, gathering up links for this post, and so many articles have been posted since then, I practically have to go back two pages.

(happy dance over) CRUNCH BOARD (internetty jobs)
Have to move to California though, who'd risk skin cancer for that.

Anyway, can't find the particular article that drew my interest, so here's a stand-in (my love for social media). Too bad for me, love the site and can still learn alot there, but I'd have to be on the FAST TRACK to make that site useful.

I'm more of the farming variety, simply lovin' good weather. And good advertisements that knock good ideas into me, like throwin' a Superbowl party for my husband and kids

(we're not even fans of football!) If I'm not too busy yelling at Yahoo! for making it IMPOSSIBLE to link to that wildly likeable 3-D TurboTax ad.

Oh well, click on "REPLAY AD" for maximum brain clash exposure, and then do bother to "Click here for >> full experience", so innovative, simply blows yer mind away.

Oh yeah, I'm still loving Poladroid, and always click-whur will!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Laid-back Weekend

The only thing I forgot, and regretted, was my camera.

Oh well, put a thousand-piece puzzle together all by myself (Easter at the White House)...and while hunting for a downloadable picture, I found homeschooling materials instead!

Yes, you know homeschoolers and they're deep and abiding love for all things Presidential (not to mention free unit studies in the form of attached bios).

Facts and fun for all ages, wonder if there'll be games (well, I suppose, if you're into designing). Maybe in time, it will evolve into a whole ETHICS education, if you're into that sort of thing, like I am. I'll homeschool this government into my little youngin's somehow, can't get enough of being equal and free.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Helluva good technology!

Before I scoot my kids off to tennis, and grab a venti mocha decaf (hey, I deserve it)...I thought I'd share one of my findings.

Well, it was actually CHIEF MARKETING STRATEGIST who did the legwork, but MY THANKS all go to Google Alert media.

I'd entered "seeking moms, blog" in some rectangular box (looking for opportunities to host crafts, and throw contests).

Blonde Duck says sharing is caring, so here ya go:

No, not the google alert link (I've no clue how to do that). You'll have to seek that out yourselves.

Oh, and THANKS MOMVERSATIONS, for giving us somewhere to mobilize ;-) when we're not playin' Scrabble, or just lazin' aboot.

All About, Maria's~

I'd like to introduce you to my new friend Maria.
She's right there, on my sidebar.

If you're following her saga (it's like reality tv, with text), then you'll recall:

the carseat incident,
and also the baby monitor crisis.

Okay, now you're caught up.

Oh wait,...I forgot something important. I met her the night before she was due to deliver a baby

(recommended a favorite pressure point).

And whaddaya know, her luck's better than I had.
Delivered precious Tyler, that very next morning.


Go join Maria over at Conversations With Moms
(she allows video commenting!!!)

She's not only Canadian,
but she celebrates Joke-telling, Sundays!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Eleven letters short

When Lauren, my ten year old, took me up on the Scrabble challenge, I was unsure of what to expect. It's a complicated game, I said, with all those triple and double points to add up.

I told her I'd take it easy, but I just couldn't help choosing QUOTA. Opportunity arose to explain HENNA and OVA, and I was frankly unembarrassed to look the word BOUT up.

We learned alot that day, a game played between reading and writing. Next match has me excited though, she knows I'm a challenge...READY, SET,...hold it.

Okay, I spelled POO, (she added the 'L'.)
Just wanted to prove that I knowed it.

Presenting, Our First Family

...head over to HuffPo to see Arianna's cute (SLIDESHOW)!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Eye of the beholder

The older I get, the less conservative I become.

I've never found the Bratz collection to be offensive, but edgy.

Sure, it took some getting used to (clothes won't fit on Barbie?)

And snap-off shoes, I'm just confused, "we think it's cool, Mom."

Okay, me too then.

Of course, I'm homeschooling fashion designer daughters.

And from that point of view, it's risky choices that draw followers.

The belt buckle incident, well it's parents that guide their children's behaviors, I'm among the few, we non-objectors.

Society has SOME responsibility I suppose, to parade proper values that we'd never rebel at.

We'd just cheer them on, right? Yes, that's community spirit!

I don't blame it on the toy makers (we all need hobbies) for their wrong-bred inspirations.

It's those devils on the catwalk I take issue with, instead.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cowgirl earrings?

Sorry girls, last pair (got 'em on Etsy)

Of course I'm covering it!

Obama loves robin's egg blue, too!

Putin's first work

Guard your minds.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just leave homeschooling out of it

It's good to have friends in high places. Mindy, for example, let me in on a little secret (shhh, don't tell just anyone). An upcoming Momversation will be asking, "Why does homeschooling get such a bad rap?"

Now, don't go getting her into trouble, she simply had some questions. And like all questionable choices I make, I simply had to enlighten her on my creationist views:

"You'd be surprised what a gigantic and powerful culture those creationists are. I'm surrounded by them, and they drive me insane with their conviction (and ignorance), yet, they have political sway and are a force to be reckoned with.

If it weren't for them, I think homeschooling would have a little more respect, and possibly a little more support from the public school systems.

These creationists are definitely feeding their children illogical ideas, and as trusting children, they're gobbling it up. And, they're surrounded by peers who believe the same things, so that only reinforces the insanity.

But, politicians, who are hanging by their nails for votes...they just love having all of these puppets at their disposal. It's quite the sickness."

The rest of it was just boring transcript questions, and silly worries about getting into college. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nostalgia, Inc.

Get your own Poladroids here, then tell Dana
how cool she is for spreading the click-whurr love.

It's a trend

Some of the greatest lessons at my homeschooled children's disposal are community driven. One might presume we're not joiners, anti-social elitists, or some other unfair view.

We depend on your offerings, established systems around us, combined with the freedom to choose. If it weren't for dumb schedules to segregate us, silly notions of readiness, you'd find homeschoolers intriguing, not a threat to established views.

Oh, who am I fooling, we're rebels with a cause (darn, I knew it!) Just tryin' to blend in, as if we somehow belonged, aw shucks, screw it. 4-H judges, thanks for showing us the bar, yet again.

We'll never fit in. Be less creative, they said. Don't draw your own graphics, download from the computer instead!

And participants, if you want that blue ribbon, instead of just red (we'll spare you all white)...speak up during judging, look us straight in the eye, those are signs of respect.

Homeschooler raises her hand, "But I'm an artist, I express myself through drawing, are you aware of that fact?"

Sweetie, 4-H Expo Presentations are supposed to be professional, tsk tsk, we expect more from you children than that.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Both a Winner and a Loser, what d'ya know

I've been entering my fair share of contests lately, in hopes of more loot. Afterall, what good are great blog giveaways without eager contestants?

Here, I'm still riding the wave of Anne's giveaway, when Kim from Scrap to My Lu wanders by. "You won! You won the blog design," she announces.

"Yippity dippity doo aye yay!!!" I answer back, wouldn't you?

Not only that, but hundreds of Today's Creative Blog enthusiasts have mosey'd on over, to check out my dire need for an intervention. I hadn't previously noticed my suffering, had you?

Oh well, you know me and my refusal to take the opinions of others seriously. Especially with regards to homeschooling, family values, and now blog design, thank you.

But, if these ladies are willing, I'd probably budge my healthy boundaries over an inch more, or two. Just so long as Sundance doesn't mind me borrowing their wood grain, but I'll pass on the blue. (In addition to incredible prices, they've got freebies, too!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A rip-roarin' good time

I wanted this year to be special, and different. My husband and I compete with the holidays for our birthdays, Capricorns we are.

Armed with Pioneer Woman's Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever. I determined to show sweet Christopher exactly how much he's adored.

Of course, that meant Colton, our chef-bound 8 year old had to stick his hand in the mix. No, not literally. He simply recalled Carrot Cake as one of Daddy's favorites, or was it the Duncan Hines box tempting him from the pantry.

Anyway, cream cheese frosting has to be made from scratch, so we whipped that baby up.

Cherry dessert is all Grandma's, my favorite tradition passed down through our family. And not just because it's incredible for breakfast, with whipped cream.

Presents were handmade, per usual, the meaningful kind.

Next year will be better though, I insist that it's true. Because every second I spend as my husband's loved wife, makes me need to say louder,


Monday, January 5, 2009

Award winning weekend

Well, isn't that charming! I arrived home from a perfectly indulgent weekend, only to find my first blog award in the comments.

(thanks, girl!)

At the very same time, Mindy drops by, and slings me her first official *comment. Color me honored.

Now, Mindy's my favorite blog designer ever. Generous soul that she is, she offered to make my blog over for free, which I declined. Must be my unpretentious genes, I like the simple restrictions of blogspot. Besides, with a bigger and better blog comes bigger and better responsibilities, at least I'd assume.

Take "So Not Domestic", she's giving away A Blog Makeover, which I'd refuse (but entered anyway!)

And then take these five fellow bloggers, who I'm dutifully nominating for their own friendship awards:






I now return to my previous New Year celebratin', fruit salad concoctin', Nespresso slurpin' business.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Me no wear no slings

That's Dylan talk for...why do I need a sling, my hips rotate just fine. Perhaps it's my rebel spirit, and my tendency to be cautious of the bandwagons I hitch a ride on. But no matter how many fabulous fabrics your slings come in, or how dire your need to make income on etsy, I laugh as you gals try to wrangle those contraptions on.

Yes, I've heard all the pro-snuggling arguments in existence, and I'm not withholding hugs or bedtime stories, in case that's what you're assuming. No, I simply feel I'm strengthening my core and restoring some semblance of balance when I secure my babies to my hip, old-fashioned.

Some days left, other days right, it doesn't really matter. But as I reach with an arm-and-a-half, 'cause that's what I'm left with, I still manage to run a large household and get all my work done. Well, at least the stuff I'm not subconsciously avoiding.

Leaving me only to wonder, "What does Daphne think?"