Thursday, August 2, 2007

In our town he's a legend

I spend alot of time waiting for my husband to finish work. Almost daily he reports that he's "finishing up", but in reality three hours pass and still no sign. I stopped planning for things a long time ago, be it dinnertime, outings, or more importantly, a break for myself. It's not his fault, he runs 2 businesses and he consistently deals with situations coming out of left field.

Compared to my life of leisure, I really have nothing to complain about. When he IS with us, he's entirely devoted to our love, to our family, and he manages to show us how important we are, even when time won't cooperate. I know he really, really loves me when he brings me these. An iced latte, and two decafs. Love with reheatable leftovers.
Honestly, why would I complain when my husband knows me THIS well, and I get to spend all my waiting hours with goofballs like these:

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Mom101 said...

I sympathize. I'm always getting yelled at for saying "I'm leaving now!" and then, like 6 hours later, I have to call back and say "Okay - now I'm REALLY leaving now."

Your brood looks beautiful. And I thank you for the blogroll mention. Happy to be in such good company.