Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I was reluctant to say goodbye to summer, but it seems the ol' school-minded folks have hijacked this month as their own. When the kids' day camp ended in July I had planned to savor August, sitting out on the front steps watching chalk drawing, hula hooping, bikes and scooters whipping past. I've been indulging in a little computer time, thinking the last three weeks we'll play hard with no schedules or constraints, holding tight to the season as it comes to completion.

The art teacher came calling first, interrupting my bliss with permission slips and parental agreements to sign--a woman who firmly believes "school should not happen until after Labor Day".

Then, the homeschool activity fair was planted on the 4th of August. On one hand I'm excited to see which activities will be shaping our coming days, but I was quite enjoying a respite from the familiar faces and petty dramas of the homeschool set. I actually dreamed last night that one very Charlotte-Masony, Latin and Greek teaching Mom was criticizing me because my kids didn't behave in the instant I reprimanded them.

This is likely leftover psychic shrapnel from an issue going on here...(the second half of this post has been erased, someone out there must have all my original copy.)

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