Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Autumnal forecast

I predict snow. I'm being honest, as usual, though completely uncreative, I'll admit it. What with the geography fair just two days away, a smackle of playdates for both tomorrow and friday (won't say where, or with who)...just grateful for Jen and Mani, two of the sincerest friends ever. I'll leave Friday a mystery, just to spice things up.

We've joined 4-H, yes officially, but who's asking. I'm so excited by the leadership opportunities, watching my olders shine with responsibility, the chance to take charge of their duties, and to meld with a group. I never thought "I move to..." and "I second that motion..." could be so adorable, but it is, like any foreign language becoming natural.

But speaking of snow, and the Halloween that comes after, and walks the fine line with it every year, yes they do! I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not dressing up, I'll never sell my soul to that devil (there's two). Some things I've just decided (writing it here makes it inevitable, and therefore possibly true) take more of your spirit, than they give back to you.

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