Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday's Lessons

My kids study art, though we have yet to delve deeply into one artist's work, and know by heart his every whim and inkling.

I chose Norman Rockwell because I received this treat at TJ Maxx, a 2009 planning calendar. Of course I love it all by itself, and had planned from the beginning to study its artwork:

Then, I found this museum site for Norman Rockwell's illustrations, and a $5.00 coloring book, to boot!

Plus, saw these postcards and had to order some, we'll continue to add to our set.

Problem We All Live With, 1964

We needed one of each of his Four Freedoms (for a scrapbook), which we happened to find is from Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1941 speech.

Norman Rockwell went from "life as I would like it to be", painting boys, puppies, and small town pleasures...

to life as it is, immediately after leaving the Saturday Evening Post in 1963...,

47 years of magazine covers later!

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Giyen said...

hey! just found you through momversation. homeschooling is amazing!