Saturday, December 20, 2008


Jodimichelle first caught my attention when she started throwing Target giftcards around. No, she is not affiliated with Target, it's just her way of overcoming her tendency to hoard, as well as trying to repent for being selfish and greedy. Her assessment, not mine.

I actually find her to be quite bold and courageous, and figured this from the start, as I automatically do of any Momversationalist.

But Jodimichelle definitely took it to the next level by recording her own segment of a Momversation. And what kind of friend would I be, on the internet or otherwise, if I let her be seen talking only to herself.


jodimichelle said...

YAHOO! Jessica - great job, love the shout out :) I think this is great and a ton of fun. You didn't seem too nervous - way to go getting out there!

Anonymous said...

Good job.

It's hard work to try something new even when you're nervous.

priscilla said...

kudos to you. maybe one of these days i'll get up the nerve to give you a video response! happy holidays!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I love your video - no reason to be nervous you were great! I think having the personal touch by vlogging really helps you get to know the person behind the words. I love it Jessica.

Sarah said...

Hi Jessica! Sarah (sarahusuk) from Momversation here. I noticed how active and wonderful you are on the forum at Momversation and wanted to check out your blog. Already you're an inspiration! In reply to something you said in your vlog - I don't have a lot of friends... a lot of acquaintances and some casual friends, sure; but no one really close to confide in. I think it's admirable that you put the majority of your energy into maintaining your 'real life' friendships and live your life rather than make it online. I'd like to take a page from your book and try to put more of my energy into making what friendships I do have stronger and maybe make a few more while I'm at it, so that I'm living my life and enjoying it - not just dreaming about what it could be. Thanks for the inspiration!