Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My new beginning

I own this blog, and if I feel the need to save all my previous posts to draft files, I will. I'm the kind of girl who depends on new beginnings, it's just something you learn when your choices boil down to a backpack filled with regret, or a new beginning.

It's more refreshing, and the proper use of technology if I do say so myself, to remove all that clutter from your mind's eye and start over. The process will be repeated time and again, so don't be surprised.

You'll notice, if you actually read this blog, and not just boring Google Reader (no amazing colors) that I left off in February when our lives were changed by diabetes. It's been four months and we've adjusted quite well thank you, no complaints. So, I zapped that blog along with the rest of 'em...deleted into once upon a time blogpost heaven.

I'm open. Not sure exactly which direction I'll take, I'm half-tempted just to talk about education and boring books. But then, knowing myself and my embarassment with being ignorant, there's not much else to say on that except I'm reading a cookbook called Ratios and a history book on the Inquisition.

My thoughts are basically...wish I had the Ratio book like ten years ago, when it was exactly what I needed to feed my family with confidence. All experimental back then, just looking for a method. And the Inquisition, sadly I'd forgotten that it happened. Glad the library reminded me why I get so offended by people trying to control my religion, and thinking.

So, that's me. This is my new beginning, all tuned.


Momartfully said...

Hey! I was wondering what happened to you. Glad to see you again. Good luck with the fresh start :-)

priscilla said...

I think it's great to delete the occasional post. And just so you know, I'd love to read posts by you on education.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

I think whatever you decide will be amazing. I love your header. I noticed that you've changed your site a few times. Good luck with the new beginnings.