Thursday, March 4, 2010

Funniest story

FRONT PAGE NEWS, even. So, I'm like being a responsible parent at my children's school today, in the DAYLIGHT! Yes, what was it called again, here, let me pull out the BROCHURE. Right in the front of my theConservatives book, conveniently...ah yes, The Living Museum. By Patrick wait, that's the BOOK'S author, brochures from Living Museums are written by TEACHERS. Yes, that one.

In the NOOK, yup, the nook. Cuter than kindle, don'tcha think? totally

Guess who was living MODERN history? You'll never guess, don't even try.

THE SECOND DIABETIC!!! Played Bill Gates, I SWEAR TO GOD!!! Cutest little diabetic Bill Gates, or wait...who's Steve Jobs. And, what's the difference? It was Bill Gates, my nine year old re-informed me (I already knew, just testing his IQ).


AND....even MORE RELEVANT....there was a "Black Hero"!!! Played by a WHITE CHILD. I burst out laughing, but didn't feel so alone because other parents let out a little laugh too. To make me feel better about being racist like them, I'm sure.

So, guess who the black hero was that didn't get the teach SUSPENDED. You probably already know, since society is built solely on conspiracies these days, that are TRUE! Well, I don't want to ruin it for you, so I'll just mention that he was homeschooled.

I don't know self, was the teacher paying homage to HOMESCHOOLING PARENTS on purpose? Being that everybody in that school LOVES our product. Successfully homeschooled children...even the ones who can't spell worth a shit (take my daughter as a prime example), best thing to ever happen to teachers who are used to being abused by both CHILDREN and PARENTS!

Parents, if I ever get started on THAT TANGENT...are CRUEL to teachers. So mean you don't even want to know. Which is why I'm EXTRA PROUD to have dumped the responsibility back onto them. All the PRAISE we get as parents of ex-homeschooled children...worth every regret. Of which there are none, actually.

None at all. So, where was I ahead of myself again? Can't remember.

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