Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolve

Perhaps it's because I just turned 35, that my seeking and striving have ended. I'm perfectly content with where I am in my life, and the circumstances that surround me.

I simply want to do more of what I know to be important, only I'll do it better and with less inhibition.

Take cooking for example, and the imaginary resistance that stands in its way.

Buying the ingredients, assembling them intuitively. Most important, showing kids that dedication to nourishment, and happily made memories does come naturally.

A rustic life always has rough edges, in a household my size you can't expect perfection. And perhaps that is what I'll take the most pride in this New Year.

My loving husband by my side, our friendship strong, our inner-knowing. We are going to make 2009 our healthiest year ever.

What's that? Pepperoni and chocolate-drizzled cream puffs aren't considered healthy?

Who in the world told you that? Well, you can listen to whoever you want. Our lives are our own to live, however imperfectly.

And that, I resolve, is what matters. Be blessed.


4funboys said...

I think I just gained 5 pounds from your post... yummy!!

ps... I loved you comment of PW about homeschoolers. As a public school teacher, who's paided $2900 a month to keep her 4 boys in private schools until this year... when I began homeschool all 4 of them... I find myself a little "too" aware of comments about the whole "school" issue.

what you wrote was well "said" and more true than most adults realize.

NaomiG said...

Suddenly I am so hungry for homemade pizza and cream puffs. :-) Love this post... and looking forward to homeschooling my kiddos! :-)

The Blonde Duck said...

Love this! We're having cinnamon rolls tonight! Yum!

Lazy Housewife said...

Wow this post made me really hungry. Left you an award on my blog. :)
So Not Domestic

moesey said...

Beautiful post. Exactly what I am feeling about my life right now. And, interestingly enough, beginning to feel about cooking (long story).